Cobu 3D

On a blustery day in February, I was given brief access to the austere practice space of what has now, undoubtedly, become one of the coolest private experiences I’ve had the pleasure of shooting this year. Lead and founded by STOMP member Yako Miyamoto, COBU is an all-female Japanese drum troupe that combines elements of traditional Japanese Taiko drumming with rhythmic tap dancing. In thirty minutes I was presented with an aural and visual assault that I still can only describe as “bad ass.” Wholly consumed by the reverberation of beats from their enormous drums, they performed three songs (succinctly fit into one half hour) in which I did not stop smiling or snapping. All the women involved are beyond gifted in their multi-talents in drumming, tap, integrated martial-arts-cum-drum-sparring(?), and continuous exertion of sheer passion. As the saying goes–big things, small packages…

Photo and Words by Meg Wachter

Be on the lookout for their next venture (oh, yes): “COBU 3D” the movie.
Also read about them in Issue 6!!!!!! Go out and buy Issue 7 while you’re at it!

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