What’s your deal?: Claudia of Inches to Pixels from Austin, TX

There’s a new sheriff in town…uh I mean, there’s a band new to the Tom Tom roster of bands with female drummers. Drummer, Claudia, of Inches to Pixels sent us an email tipping us off her to her sweet band and told us a little about herself.

Here’s what she had to say,

“Hello Tom Tom Magazine!
My name is Claudia and I play drums in the band Inches to Pixels. I wanted to see if my band could be mentioned in your awesome magazine. About me, our origins and our plans:
I’ve been playing drums for quite some time. I started with 1 big drum in a Middle School marching band in Mexico. I’ve loved hitting stuff with drumsticks after that 🙂 I have played the “Drum set” since 2002 and only stopped for a year or so since some apartments don’t appreciate some good ol’ drumming.

Since I started, I have played with the bands “The Onetimers” who later became “The Twotimers” in Las Cruces NM and where I met my now husband Daniel who plays guitar and is the lead singer in Inches to Pixels. After that I played with “The Karma Cats” in El Paso TX with Daniel, then we took a break and I wanted to try an all-girl band with “Don’t Get in the Van” and “Planets” in Austin TX.

I went back to playing with Daniel and we decided to make a new band with more danceable rock music. We started with a couple of songs but wanted to add something different and that’s when we came across Dustin our keyboardist. We had never played with a keyboardist and we never thought that adding keyboards would make our music sound so good.

We played a couple of shows but thought that our sound was not complete yet. It was missing something… yeah, bass! We looked for quite some time until we finally met Mo who made our music complete. He has the energy necessary for our band and he and I can carry the rhythm so that everyone can follow.

We’ve been playing around Austin and are enjoying this summer since Daniel and I are Elementary teachers and have this summer off. We’ve played at places like, The Palmer Events Center for The Roller Derby, Emo’s, Beerland, Trophy’s and will play at Mohawk next Sunday.

We will keep playing in Austin since we love the city and the music scenery. Plans for touring will probably happen whenever we get a chance in the not so distant future.

My band mates and husband/band mate are one of a kind and I enjoy jamming and playing shows with them. I couldn’t be happier!”

NYC (complete) by Inches to Pixels

Listen to more of their music on Soundcloud

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