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Jaki Howser of Cincinnati emailed us. Here’s what caught our attention:

“…I feel that there aren’t very many females that feel comfortable to try playing drums, mostly because they feel that it is a “guy” thing to do. I’ve been an encouragement to females coming into the store & my department to pursue drumming & to be themselves and enjoy playing for music’s sake, not for a standard that apparently had been set. My motto when I started playing drums was to be a good drummer, not just a good “girl” drummer. There can be a difference in mindset in that. It’s easy to be a girl drummer to the drumming world. They believe girls are just simple drummers. I want to break that mindset and push females to be the best musicians they can be, not as a female, but as a musician!”

So, we asked her to tell it all!

Intrigued by drums at an early age, I started playing as a Freshman in High School after vigorously learning other instruments (clarinet, guitar, piano, voice). When I went to college in Cincinnati for music, I started to take my drumming more seriously, playing for various projects and EP’s, but really finding myself involved with drumming for churches. Since 2003, I’ve participated in session work for various artists, played in Brazil, Bulgaria, & Greece on music tours, played for over 50 churches, one notably, Crossroads Community, who has a real heart for God and it shows, reaching over 12,000 a people a week (just in their services, not including online ministry). It’s a great place to play drums and get connected. I also play drums for my band, The Colour of Amber, which is a metal band. Great learning curve for me!

I started working at Guitar Center in Cincinnati this past February and have connected with hundreds of drummers in the area. I’m now known as the “awesome female drummer who works at Guitar Center”. I’ll take it! Cincinnati’s music scene is picking up, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. My goal is to tour and do session work as a professional drummer. Check out my work on my website, and also my band, The Colour of Amber.

My goal for the female drumming world is to push female drummers to not just be “good female drummers”, but “good drummers”. Put your mind to success. Train yourself to be better. Always learn new styles and apply them to what you know. Play for as many bands as you can and work on as many projects as you can. If you love to drum, then drum. Dream drumming, living drumming, and most of all, give it all to God!”

Here’s some of her music:

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