Maya of Austra & TRST



There is something eerily electric about  Austra and TRST (pronounced “trust”), Maya Postepski’s two projects. Hailing from Toronto, the epicenter of brilliance these days, she infuses her dark, pulsating rhythms into her music. Truly, the tracks from both groups (her counterpart in TRST is Robert Alfons and Austra is Katie Stelmanis and Dorian Wolf) are exciting and addictive. Since the release of Austra’sFeel It Break, there has been nothing but positive response. With their newest 12″ Sparkle (out on Domino records, the purchase also comes with a digital download of all six tracks), their recognition can only grow. TRST released a 7″, Candy Walls,  a short while ago. Before that, I was forced to periodically check with their MySpace for mp3 updates. The vocals are resounding and the beats run through your veins. It’s the kind of music that you listen to alone, eyes closed, while you envision yourself onstage as one of these talented, effortlessly impressive musicians.

Maya herself is a gifted beat maker and has done remixes for Tasseomancy.  Austra is signed to Domino Records and TRST is on Sacred Bones along with the likes of Zola Jesus and Effi Briest. Everyone seems to be talking about her, and now you can too.

Words by Katyann Gonzalez
Pictures by Bek Andersen


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