Monday Moxie

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While perusing Boiler Room, a really great source for live mixes from some of the best DJs spinning right now, I came across this 25 Minute Mix from Alice Moxie, a perfect cure to Monday doldrums. Hailing from the UK she always fits an element of grime or garage into a mix with the elegant touch of house, disco, or whatever fits. Lots of dark brooding beats. She runs a nightclub, Deviation, with Benji B of BBC Radio 1 and is a resident DJ for ATG Funhouse every other Tuesday.

Seeing her mix was a relief because I was getting pretty nervous about the lack of women on the recordings. There was Jessie and Sampha and Hyetal feat. Alison Garner but both are vocalists. Where the ladies at Boiler Room!? For sure a reputable source of good goodies, I am shocked.

Alas, there is Alice, enjoy the mix. Have a good week. Make beats.

BR#32 Moxie by BOILER ROOM

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