Facebook No No’s: Please Make It Stop


There’s a Facebook Page called DRUM CLINICS (their caps) which is linked to a company called PimpCo that designs customized wraps for drums.  Great service, yes.  Their Facebook Page says ‘free online drumming community for all things drums’ etc. and at the time of writing has 4,578 people following. But their profile pictures are incredibly tacky and outdated.  So much so I used to cringe when they popped up in my news feed (I have since deleted them).  I think perhaps they haven’t considered they are alienating a lot of women viewers and women’s custom by depicting them not as players, but as passive beings used only to adorn drum kits.  The male pictures are of active players.  The female pictures are ‘sexy’ in that conventional and predictable male gaze way.  It’s old school objectification with clearly defined, separate roles between the sexes.  There are comely glances of ladies straddling bass drums with heaving breasts.  Women coyly sucking the tips of drum sticks.  The dated porn look of suspenders (or braces) and shorts a couple of sizes too small that oops, cheeks come spilling out!  I kept thinking this site must be a joke or parody. It’s as if DRUM CLINICS is totally unaware that many women are also drummers. These images do nothing for the advancement of women as musicians, or equality between the sexes, and catapult us back some 60 years or so.  Some folks’ vision of the world view remains very narrow.
One could go on about the use of the word ‘pimp’ as well.  But the word has infiltrated mainstream media in an anodyne way through shows like Pimp My Ride.  Its original meaning has eroded as we all skippingly do everything now from pimping our fonts to pimping our kitchens.  We are all aware however of what it traditionally meant.
More images from their Facebook Page:


***UPDATE! The photos have been removed from their page. And this conversation has started. Please read: http://www.mikedolbear.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=100167 *****




Kasey Peters (this article originally appeared on her site)

Tom Tom Magazine suggests you post a pic of yourself playing the drums on the Tom Tom Facebook page and anywhere else you deem fit to tip the scale on these poor representations of us.

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  1. How can this still be happening? It reminds me of my early heavy metal days when rock videos, music ads, album covers, etc. all used trashy sexist stuff like this. That was twenty years ago. We desperately need to move on from this!

  2. As of about 40 minutes ago, DRUM CLINICS have removed all the demeaning and degrading images discussed in this article. Mindy Abovitz posted Tom Tom Magazine’s link to their wall and Gemma Hill and myself had some exchanges with them via Twitter @GemmaDrums & @KaseyPeters. Here’s hoping it remains that way.

    Original article http://kaseypeters.blogspot.com

  3. I am totally impressed with Drum Clinics for responding quickly and positively to this conversation.

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