Gang Gang Dance Rocks Off On A Boat

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So, sadly for us all the event is sold out but we think everyone should know about it all the same. Gang Gang Dance will perform on a boat going up the Hudson River tomorrow (for you international readers, the Hudson River is the body of water alongside the West coast of Manhattan. It is a dirty, pretty thing we pride ourselves on. It goes far beyond the reaches of the metropolitan area but it’s one of the city dweller’s prized scenic views).

Gang Gang just released a new album, Eye Contact in May, and it stands up to their stellar past works. They are also partially responsible for the Boadrum events we love so much here at Tom Tom alongside Boredoms. GGD is not just about the music, it’s about art and performative grandeur. What’s more grand than a BOAT? Little else.

If you have tickets, congrats. Take pictures, take videos, send us the products. Write a review. We’ll be sitting on land, eyes watering from the regret and the gusting wind coming off of that smelly Hudson River.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Aboard The Star of Palm Beach
Boards: 7:00pm / Departs: 8:00pm
Pier 40. West Houston St. at West Side Highway

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