Crash Takeoff & LKN Reviews


The Crash Takeoff

Domestication [The Crash Takeoff/CD Baby], January, 2011


The Crash Takeoff sounds like you would imagine a band to sound if your
mother got together with her best friends and formed a group despite
their advanced age and inexperience.  At first, this may not seem like
an enticing sound, but this group knows it and makes it part of their
appeal with wry, biting lyrics and unending enthusiasm. Audrey White’s
vocals are unexpected, warbly and difficult to take, but as she dips
into lower octaves (especially on songs such as “What We Had”), the
listener is exposed to the potential her voice holds. White’s voice can
in no means be described as perfect, just as your mom sees your
imperfections as beautiful, The Crash Takeoff accepts its faults and
makes no apologies for them.

Listen to: While taking your mom out to brunch. She deserves it!



LKN/Knife the Symphony (Half LKN/Half Knife the Symphony) 

Split [Phatry Records], 2010

Portland’s LKN can be described as a band with a female drummer, and it can be
described as an all female band, but it is much more than that. LKN is a
one woman band, the work of Lauren Kathryn Newman. Newman plays drums,
sings, and plays other instruments, in addition to writing  all the
band’s music. This style of recording music is remarkable, but its
unconventional style  does not take away from the music’s relatability,
because the listener can easily connect with the emotion of Newman’s
music. On some songs, such as “July 5th, 2008” Newman’s lyrics serve as
the key emotional force. The drums play an important role in the music,
pushing the song forward and serving as a backdrop for the lyrics. This
song is especially remarkable for its Sprechgesang elements, where
Newman recites lyrics that draw the listener in and provides a link to
Newman. The lines are simple and easy to connect to, such as “I just
want to wake up and finally feel okay with where I am and where I’m
going.” On other tracks such as “Sign My Cast”, the lyrics take a
backseat to the instrumentation, but the the music is no less
emotion-filled, with its powerful drum beats and vocals.  In short, LKN
is an enjoyable listen because it is both remarkable and relatable, an
interesting and satisfying vessel for Lauren Kathryn Newman’s emotions.

Listen to: To get pumped up about how awesome YOUR future band could be.
-Lindsay Birk

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