THROWBACK: the Honeycombs

This croon-heavy Brit-pop band from the 60’s had a major draw, their drummer Honey Lantree. Starting out as the Sheratons, the quintet quickly changed their moniker to “Honeycombs” on account of her name, and because she and a bandmate worked in a hair salon.

“Have I the Right?” propelled them through a well recieved European and Asian tour, where they were most adored in Japan, later inspiring the song, “Love in Tokyo”. After the hay-day of their chart-topping singles dwindled, the group broke up, reunited, became the New Honeycombs, and as of today, have split into two different groups each calling themselves the Honeycombs.

Though most known for “Have I the Right”, below is a link to the 1965 taping of “Eyes” featured in the British music review film Pop Gear. The segment features the quick-witted percussion of Ms. Lantree amongst her bandmates, amazing abstract art and tearful floating eyes. They just don’t make sets like they use to.

The Honeycombs- “Eyes”


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  1. Hi there,
    can I just add that the “bandmate” was Martin Murray who actually formed the band, and he ran a hairdressing salon. Not only that Honey was his salon assistant.
    He never intended her as a gimmick it was just that she happened to be a natural on the drums.
    The current line up of The Honeycombs features Martin Murray who is the only surviving and active member of the original band. Another band using the name were made up of musicians that Martin recruited a few years ago, none of whom were original members and are in fact not active but just keep the website going.

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