Super Wild Horses on Noisey

Super Wild Horses is a garage punk duo from Perth, Australia who use a guitar, keyboard, and drums. They put out an EP in 2009 and their upcoming release Fifteen is already sold out on the white screen printed vinyl, but you can still buy it luckily.

Noisey is a project between Vice, Intel, and Dell to discover, catalog, and disseminate new, GOOD, music all around the world. It’s also unfailingly hip and I guess we shouldn’t expect less from Vice. I mean, how cool are you to recommend Criolo (underground hip hop from Brazil) or Crane Angels (poppers from Paris) or Frittenbude (techno-rap-rave from Berlin)?? Check out all these videos from these artists. They typically come in 4 or 5 parts and they’re super well done, compelling, and they’ll clue you in to what you should know about in the music WORLD as it stands today.

**Personal favorite of No Joy and Nobunny and Jessie Bulbo…just a brilliant, brialliant

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