Eagle and Talon

L.A.’s Eagle and Talon released an EP that you can stream on their bandcamp and it’s really awesome. Shame on me for sleepin’ on the news. It came out February 23 and I’m a jerk for hoarding it for as long as I did. Well, here it is now. Hopefully you’ve heard it already and want to listen again!

This duo is seriously cool and they have a rad Ambient Karaoke Video Project going on that you need to check out. It has the likes of Obi Best, Dorian Wood, Moses Campbell, and much more. All the artists do a rendition of Eagle and Talon’s “I Want Everything” and it resulted in some very compelling work.

Make sure to check out their new video with Reggie Watts( New York based musician and comedia…if you haven’t seen his videos or don’t know who he is, it’s time to check in with pop culture), who also contributes guest vocals and some rubbery bass grooves to the “In Manila” EP. Their group’s new video “For The Bond” features Kim and Alice Talon as Watts plays master puppeteer.

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