Download “Bells” by Christy & Emily!

In honor of today’s release of Quick Words(Klangbad), a 7″ EP, by Christy & Emily and Talk Normal, we are offering you a download of one the featured tracks “Bells” by C&E.

“Bells” by Christy & Emily


Side A
Christy & Emily

Side B
Talk Normal

***Digital download cards will include an extra Christy & Emily track, “Endtime Evangelist.”
Cover design and artwork by Maya Hayuk and Morgan Blair.

Christy & Emily is Emily Manzo on electric piano, Christy Edwards on guitar, and recently Peter Kerlin on bass and Kristin Mueller on drums. For Christy & Emily, these songs are a preview of their newer sound with bass and drums. THis song is fast-paced and reminiscent of Siouxsie & The Banshees, maybe it’s just the vocals, or maybe it’s my love for that band, but either way, this song is solid. The reverb on the guitar and far away feeling of the vocals are in the mode of their contemporaries, but there is an epic quality to this music. Later in the spring of 2011, Christy & Emily will be heading to the Faust Studio in southern Germany to record a new full-length album with this quartet.

Talk Normal’s “Hurricane” is a soaring narrative piece. Lead by drummer Andrya Ambro’s melodic lead vocal and buffeted by guitarist Sarah Register’s harmonies, “Hurricane” is a sing-a-long story told with humility, grace & pleasing cacophony. Conceptual references range from U.S. Girls to Meredith Monk to Tears For Fears to The Velvet Underground – yet the sound is all their own, with an ebbing structure that carries the imagination through a manic ocean of soundscapes, wildly complex and still simple enough to be howled at the moon.

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