SXSW Kickoff at The Commons in NYC

The Tom Tom Magazine Sessions is both a concert and series of educational info sessions facilitated by female drummers and beatmakers.


DJ Shomi
…Shomi Noise is a musician, DJ, and a self–proclaimed music nerd.
[SESSION] Learn DJ techniques from looping to beatmatching to matchups.

Baybee Teeth
[SESSION] Drum techniques in punk music

Nikkie Mcleod
[SESSION] History of the steelpan + demo

Pink Flag
[SESSION] History of female punk drummers

[SESSION] Syncing live drums to programmed drum beats.

Come celebrate, Tom Tom is going to SXSW again! This time we’re doing a tour from Texas back to NYC. We need your good energy and well wishes as we embark on a journey.

The Commons is a skill sharing space in the heart of Brooklyn. Performers will be doing short workshops before their set sharing techniques in their musical abilities.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Sponsored!

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