Creators Project Covers Gang Gang Dance

The Creators Project is “a network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world.” At the core though, this project is highlighting individuals who are harnessing the tools necessary to spread their philosophies and bodies of work and who have the ability to tap into what we all need and want. They bring to the center people whose names we hear, or see, on a dialy basis and give us their story. Then, of course, are the the unknowns, who deserve their glory to be spoken of because of their contributions to our modern society.

“Until recently, I believed technology was going to devour art.”- Hyun Joon of EE

Okay, they’re not female drummers but these two performance artists from South Korea are incredible.

Go through all the videos, they’re well worth a few hours of your day. Be inspired to create.

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