Album Release:TRUST, ye better have faith.

TRUST, led by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, is a elcetrified, dark, thumping sound emanating from the cityscape of Toronto. The live and programmed drum beats pounds throughout every song, coupled with ethereal, albeit elegiac and haunting, vocals that make their sound like “witch disco,” a phrase they seem to have termed themselves.

They’ve been praised as one of Toronto’s best in the music scene and they’re only getting started. They’ve been working together since 2009, and separately on other projects for a long time before that (Maya is also in Austra, a really awesome band you should check out too). Stereogum has them listed as one of their 32 Must See Bands at SXSW (speaking of which come see us at Baby Blue).

Download “Candy Walls” here.

The 7″ drops March 29 on Sacred Bones!!!!


Mar 17 Austin TX – Beerland [Stereogum/Sacred Bones/Chaos In Tejas]
Apr 20 New York NY – Wierd/Home Sweet Home
Apr 22 Brooklyn NY – Coco 66

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