Rainbow Arabia Gets Remixed by NGUZUNGUZU

RAINBOW ARABIA gets remixed by NGUZUNGUZU, Kompakt offers up free download

“Boys and Diamonds” out March 1st in US/Feb 28th everywhere else.


(via The FADER)


Rising LA production duo Nguzunguzu just remixed Rainbow Arabia’s upcoming “Without You” single tranforming the original into a dark, bassy conga line jammer. Grab the remix now via The FADER of which they say “Feeling like Nguzunguzu are into big twigs as drumsticks. Rainbow Arabia into it, but they take the forest and put it in a museum, installation of found objects, mosaic of ragtag. Nguzunguzu just sitting in a circle on dirt floor, making music with their mouths, face painted, talking about thunder gods and recording the sound of the sky. It sounds funky, turns out.”

“boys and diamonds” will be out soon on kompact so stay tuned to tom tom and we’ll let you know!

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