Grammy Award Winning Lady Drummers

I just love Nikki Minaj…Will.I.Am too

So, we all watched the Grammys right? No, well, we can fill you in on at least a few of the categories winners because they pertain to what we’re about! (Quick unrelated aside, why didn’t “Empire State of Mind” win record of the year??? It never stopped playing, and the Yankees World Series victory only gave it more impetus, wtf?!?!)

First off, Arcade Firewon Album of The Year for The Suburbs which is massive! I remember hearing about this band from Montreal a few years ago from every single person I knew. I slept on the recommendation for a long time and now look where they are. Win Butler, the lead singer of the band (as if you didn’t already know), is also husband to the mutli-talented, multi-instrumentalist Régine Chassagne who occasionally drums for the band during performances and on tracks. She also plays the accordion, drums, xylophone, hurdy-gurdy, keyboards and organ.

Cee-Lo got dissed for Record of the Year and Song of the Year (what’s the difference again?) but he won best Best Urban/Alternative Performance for “F**k You” (which he also performed in a technicolor parrot costume alongside the charming actress Gwenyth Paltrow who fell short as a performer…no offense but why didn’t her people teach her some dance moves before they left her climb on top of that piano?). We’ve all seen that all girl band of his and questioned whether it was for show or for real and well, it’s both. The drummer, thankfully is a real, live, firecracker of a woman named Brittany Brooks. Thanks to a post by Venus we found out some additional info on her and the rad video below.

Last, but certainly not least, the award for Best New Artist went to Esperanza Spalding a jazz bassist. She was the underdog in this category but obviously the most deserving. Her voice is enigmatic and her bass playing is legendary. I love a stand up bass, and someone with sheer talent like this is just a dream. She played the White House (video below) and the footage from the performance really says it all. From the Wall Street Journal blog post (linked to by her name), she hopes that her win brings attention to some of her fellow jazz performers and I do too.

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