A bit reminiscent of the child-like voice of Joanna Newsom, Sierra “Rosie” Casady, draws an estranged sound that evokes a weird, deafening impact. The process of hearing, “The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn,” in its entirety, haunts me in a way. In “Werewolf,” “Rosie depicts a mangled mind, as she sings, “Walking down an icy grave/leading to my schizophrenic father/ weeping willow won’t you wallow louder/searching for my fathers power.” Bianca “Coco,” who is responsible for the odder sounds in the group uses instruments and toys which somewhat summons the folk legend Daniel Johnston, a troubled yet talented icon not to be overlooked in the structuring of CocoRosie‘s songs. Like Johnston, CocoRosie becomes immersed in a mutation of folk. Their music sometimes considered “Freak Folk,” mystifies with embedded layers of Rosie’s child-like voice and awkward instruments. Cocorosie formally on touch and Go records, released “Grey Oceans” in 2010, distributed through Sub Pop. Their eerily, odd music seems still poignantly relevant. CocoRosie’s evocatively, compelling songs, tear through a vague association of genre. In the end CocoRosie is a rarity among the generic sounds one seems they can not avoid.

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