Hey Tom Tom Mag,
I was wondering if you’d be willing to publicize this event on your website/facebook page, etc. It’s a show at Webster hall going to benefit drummer Dan Duggins. Dan was my drum teacher and a drum teacher to lots of female drummers in NYC. He’s also just an all-around awesome guy.

Here’s the link.

Dan suffered a massive stroke in April and has been paralyzed since. He is now living with his parents in Richmond, VA and going to physical therapy and speech therapy every day. He communicates by looking up for “yes” and down for “no” and his family has developed a quick way of getting through the alphabet so he can spell stuff out.

He has made a lot of progress since the stroke– he can breathe on his own now and chew and swallow. He’s managed to get out a few words and can sometimes move his hands and feet. He has a long way to go but everyone is expecting significant recovery.

When Dan had the stroke he didn’t have health insurance, so there has been constant fundraising to help the family with the medical bills and ongoing expenses. You all should go to this concert, and if you
can’t I hope you’ll send some money his family’s

Donations can be sent to:
Stephen Duggins
1611 olde coalmine rd
midlothian va 23113

For more info on Dan.


Dan played the drums in several bands (Lazy Cain, Hot Rod Circuit, The Queen Killing Kings, and most recently Zigmat to name a few). You can also visit Dan’s website to learn more about his career. Please attend the event if you’re in New York and if not, please donate to help his cause.

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