Thank You Universe for Jenny Woolworth

If you know about Riot Grrrl, chances are you will know who Jenny Woolworth is. You may even read her blog, Jenny Woolworth’s Women in Punk Blog. Recently, she did a post on female drummers and gave us permission to re-post the post, and we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy the wordage, and better still, enjoy her mix! (She also happens to be a DJ…yeah, she’s awesome. She knows it.)

This Christmas, instead of the little drummer boy let’s celebrate the drummer girls, because in the beginning there was rhythm and women set the beat!

Download here my one hour mix featuring a selection of contemporary female percussionists from avant-garde and top of the pop to punk and sludgy heavy rock.

For more insight into the world of female drummers check out the excellent Tom Tom Magazine, one of the last remaining print and online publications focusing on female musicians (R.I.P. Venus ‘zine).

DOWNLOAD: Drummer Girls mix (57 min. / 100 MB)


1. Susie Ibarra – Drum Sketches

2. STLS (Lisa Schonberg and STS) – Katy

3. I.U.D (Sadie Laska and Lizzi Bougatsos) – Daddy

4. The Need (Rachel Carns) – The Green Manalishi

5. Maria and the Mirrors (Crystabel Riley and Kiera Fox) – Omar

6. Explode into Colors (Lisa Schonberg) – Paper

7. Electrelane (Emma Gaze) – On Parade

8. The Slits (Palmolive) – So Tough (rough mix)

9. ESG (Valerie Scroggins) – Moody

10. Luscious Jackson (Kate Schellenbach) – Bam Bam (live)

11. Sheila E. – 808 Kate

12.Ethos Percussion Quartet (Susie Ibarra) – These Trees That Speak

13. Yo La Tengo (Georgia Hubley) – Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo

14. The Carpenters (Karen Carpenter) – Love is Surrender

15. Slant 6 (Rachel Carns) – Alien Moviestar

…and as a bonus, here’s a clip of Tiffany Tamaribuchi, taiko drummer extraordinaire:

Jenny Woolworth is the geeked-out alter ego of an American raised girl named Nicole Emmenegger. Circa 1989, at the shopping mall near her home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nicole bought her first cassette tape – Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You. Urged on by a few subsequent late night viewings of MTV 120 Minutes, she began her search for music beyond the mainstream divide. In the early 1990s, she discovered Riot Grrrl and joined the movement by published ‘zines (Busy Bea’s Bush and Beri-Beri), organizing events, concerts and Hooters protests. Her first radio experience was as a guest dj at Carnegie Mellon University station WRCT at the tender age of sixteen. After high school, she left her hometown for Antioch College and strolled away from the farm fields of Yellow Springs, Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in Language, Literature and Culture. At the turn of the millennium she decided to try out life in her family’s homeland of Switzerland. Once in Zürich and made it her goal to bring good music and events to the Eidgenossenshaft. Her fortnightly show Tiger Beat on Radio LoRa, 97,5 MHz, set out to provide a documentation of female musicians in the independent music scene. In late 2007, Nicole left behind her flat in Kreis 5 and relocated to the wild untamed city of London to pursue a one year Masters degree in Arts Management at Goldsmiths College. She currently works in the UK cultural sector. Send fan mail or constructive criticism to and follow the tweets!

Description via Jenny’s website where you can also listen to her radio show or download her other playlists.

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