Argentina’s Andrea Alvarez

One of the refreshing things about Tom Tom is the ability to reach out to people all over the world. Thanks to the post on Erica Garcia, we caught the attention of Andrea Alvarez, a colleague of Garcia’s. In praising the magazine for focusing on female drummers, she gained our appreciation and thereby was due for a highlight.

Alvarez composes, plays drums, and sings. Her drumming is spectacular and her voice is astounding. It has as much driving force as her playing. It’s very reminiscent of the great Karen O, except it’s in Spanish. I’m jealous of her talent mostly, but her hair is pretty awesome too.

Listen to her music here. Listen to ”Doble A” first, it’s brilliant.

read a full interview with Alvarex in Issue 5. Order it or buy it locally in January 2011!!!

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  1. Andrea is the BOMB! Best female drummer I’ve seen who deserves to get way more recognition. Looking forward to reading the full interview!

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