TV BUddhas Road Tour Documentary

”TV BUDDHAS are a three-way powerhouse from Tel Aviv, Israel, comprising of the brothers Uri and Mickey Triest and Juval Haring. Their raw, intense, completely involving live show in addition to their somewhat geeky and shy demeanor, brings together the simplicity of The Ramones, the explosiveness of The MC5 and the anti-rock’n’roll subject matter of The Modern Lovers.”

That right there is Part 1 one of 6 videos on youtube that document the U.S. tour of TV Buddhas. Compelling stuff! They lose money, they get no audience, and then, when you think they may catch a break, they run into more trouble. The band hopes to tour the documentary itself as a feature film in micro cinemas and film festivals in the winter of 2011. Even if you watch all six of these videos, there’s still more charming footage to be seen, so look out for the full movie! While you wait you can subscribe to the vlog here.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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