Remember the Boadrums

August 7, 2007 at 7 p.m., 77 drummers united on the east and west coasts to perform a 77-minute long drum piece written (and performed in L.A.) by Boredoms (Gang Gang Dance took over for NY). This video features all the West Coasters getting down. For those of you who were there (or who attended Boadrums 88 or 99) you can understand the all encompassing greatness of this event.

It was phenomenal. To have so many musicians, in one place, drumming, outside, for over an hour, while the sun set, on a beautiful late summer day…epic. The following video shows a couple ladies drumming but we felt we should highlight Yoshimi of Boredom’s presence. She will be featured in Issue 5 (alongside Kim Thompson). You see her in the video at 1 minute, 5 seconds, for the first time and she’s spotted throughout.
***Tom Tom shout out to Andrya Ambro of Talk Normal, Hisham and Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt who are friends of Tom Tom and in this video.

Enjoy! And look out for Issue 5!!

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