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Despite her diminutive stature, Tatiana Mladenovitch – headmistress of Fiodor Dream Dog – is a monumental figure in the French music scene today. Drummer, guitarist and singer brave and free, she works like a shot of vitamins on the sonic organisms fortunate enough to benefit from her injection. Recently, she has been seen banging out beats for such sharpshooters as Theo Hakola and Bertrand Belin, or gracing the pop-folk contours of Emily Loizeau as well as the virtuoso edges of the Canadian Marie-Jo Thério, freely distilling that unique mix of relevance, elegance and audacity that are the basis of her remarkable reputation. From her work in dance, theater and cinema, she also brings an insatiable appetite for the unbeaten paths and the contagious impertinence of those who want, who need to make things happen.
It stands to reason that it was just a matter of time before Tatiana Mladenovitch would be laying down her first opus – I Lose Things – an extraordinary and rock and roll inaugural collection signaling the beginning of a new direction, a new journey that will undoubtedly be long and full of surprises.

Fiodor Dream Dog

(Excerpt taken from her myspace…we couldn’t have said it better ourselves)

Fiodor dream dog & the Skips – “Sorry for the lashes” / live @Nouveau Casino / Paris from fiodor dream dog on Vimeo.

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