Tom Tom Show in Portland, OR with The Gossip GIVEAWAYS!!

We are throwing a release party for the newest issue of Tom Tom Magazine at Valentines on Oct 12, 2010 in Portland, OR!

There will be magazines + raffles + magazines + drums + drummers + magazines + many amazing performers:::

LAVENDER MIRROR [emily baker + kerby’s new amazingness:]

ELISABETH VENABLE [of sad horse] with help from TJO (Tara Jane O’neil)




  • Turquoise 1970s Slingerland 20″ floor tom donated by Stan (Drummer of The Gossip)
  • Matador timbales with stand also from Stan
  • Drum lesson with Lisa Schonberg
  • + more.

There will be a sliding scale cover charge of $5-10 that will all benefit the magazine and help fund the printing and distribution of the next issue (Issue #5 featuring Kim Thompson!)

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