Tom Tom Mag’s CMJ Must See List

CMJ is this week and we wait for it all year long in NYC. The bands highlighted for this event often pop up for the rest of your musical year as the best acts around so now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Don’t you want to impress your friends a few months down the road when you can say you already knew about a band long before they even heard of ’em? Being in the know about CMJ spotlight acts also will help improve you as a person in general…so here are our picks, obviously all female percussionists or beatmakers.

Corin Tucker of Sleater Kinney of course, with her solo group, the Corin Tucker Project. She just released a new album October 5th entitled 1,000 Years so this is an eventful event for this legendary lady. She’ll be playing October 23rd at Maxwell’s in Hoboken

Zola Jesus, another no brainer. She’s been crooning and wooing her captivated audience for a few years now. You’d be crazy not to go see her while she’s in New York. She’s making some of the most original, satisfying, beautiful music you could consume today. She’ll be playing October 22 at Brooklyn Bowl before heading off to Europe.

Black Cherry, one of our featured favorites, she’s flown all the way from the UK and she’s electronic and pop-oriented, yet soulful and deep. Her EP the preface is the bomb (and we still have a copy to give away on vinyl if you follow the previous link!) and you can hear her music at Ben Sherman AND Crash Mansion on October 21 at 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. respectively…AND October 23 at the Bowery Electric

Murder Mystery, one of New York’s finest makes music that sounds like it could fit right in with a Clueless montage and, trust me, that’s a good thing. They really do rule and they’re playing Trash Bar on October 21.

They are playing October 23rd at Kenny’s Castaways. They sound like psych-rock-punk-andmore.

Vanity Theft are playing October 20 at Webster Hall.

Prince Rama are one of those bands that come along and knock you into a chair and then put you into a deep trance that sends you down a tunnel of color and psychadelia….like Burning Man. Really though, this band pays attention to detail, has an amazing visual quality and the music is rad. They are playing October 20 at Don Pedro’s and Cake Shop, October 21 at Cake Shop, October 22 at Death by Audio, October 23 at WFMU Record Fair. My my, busy bees Prince Rama.

Talk Normal are heavy, dark, droney, bassy, and all with a guitar and drum kit only. These two girls are another performative wonder and you can see them

The Suzan are an all-girl four piece band from Japan and that just spells out success and cool. They have great energy, a stellar sound, and of course, an amazing visual appeal. See them October 27th at Rock Shop

if you readers or musicians know of another show we should be blogging about please let us know and we will!!! email or comment on this post. xoxoxox

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  1. impose cmj show 2nite (weds) @ don pedro’s… pc worship, prince rama, talk normal, lower dens, woodsmen

  2. Heliotropes are playing CMJ Music Fest this upcoming Sat, 10/23 @ 8pm at Kenny’s Castaways @ 157 Bleecker St in Manhattan.

    After that I believe our next show will be on Friday, Nov 19 @ Union Hall in Park Slope @ 702 Union St, Brooklyn.

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