Frankie Rose and the Outs Self-titled Album and Sweet Video

Frankie Rose and the Outs Self-titled / Slumberland Records 09/2010

You probably remember the talented and omnipresent Frankie Rose as the drummer for Crystal Stilts, Shitstorm (now Grass Widow), the Vivian Girls, the Dum Dum Girls, and the back cover of Tom Tom Magazine Issue #1. After sowing her musical oats with them, she’s moved on and started her own project, Frankie Rose and the Outs — only this time she’s the front woman, playing guitar and singing.

This first EP features beautifully layered vocals and lots of spacey reverb laid over a steady, solid drumbeat laid down by Kate Ryan. Occasionally, the guitar will break free and assert itself with a big, distinct lead line. Overall it sounds like daisy chains, heart-shaped lockets, hope chests, sea spray, and lollipops (the large, rainbow-swirl kind). If I were to take Frankie Rose and the Outs on a date, I’d take them to ride the carousel at Central Park and buy them cotton candy. Look for the Tom Tom exclusive conversation between Frankie and her drummer Kate coming soon.

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