Shimon: The Robot Drummer & Georgia Tech Tech

This is Georgia Tech’s 2010 ad for their Center for Music Technology. If I was still applying for colleges this would definitely have made it on the list based on the commercial alone. The fact that Georgia Tech is for someone with a far better SAT score than myself is irrelevant of course.

In their statement, they say, “The center’s focus is on the design and development of innovative technologies for the creation and enhancement of acoustic, electronic, and hybrid musical instruments. Areas of interest include mobile music, interactive performance, robotic musicianship, music intelligence, music information retrieval, digital signal processing, networked music, music perception, music theory, and composition.”

Follow this link to read more about that drumming robot. He goes by Shimon and he plays the marimba for a robot living.

Nice job Georgia Tech for making this great video and to any Tom Tom readers, if you see ads like this, photo or video, send them my way! xo Katy

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