Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim

This movie may trump all the other summer blockbusters, even Inception. The cinematography is captivating and the entire presentation of the movie is set so far apart from what we’re used to seeing. Based on a comic book series, the movie features an enjoyable Michael Cera who is the bassist for fictional band, Sex Bob Omb (notice the one of many, many, many video game references that inspire many of the scenes and plot lines). The drummer in the band is Kim Pine, played by Alison Pill. She is dark and angsty and most of her aggression, directed at heartbreaker Pilgrim, is released on the drums. Much of the score is original and the rest is provided by popular indie bands or to the tune of video games like Zelda (so perfect). The original songs are great and so is the comic book the film is based on. We all know girl drummers are super cool, but a girl who reads comic books is up there too, so read on ladies.

Here is an interview with Alison Pill and Mark Webber (third part of Sex Bob Omb).

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