Buke and Gass

“Buke & Gass making their own instruments (buke – modified baritone ukulele and gass – guitar + bass hybrid) and being discovered by The National, the female half of the band (Arone Dyer) used to race bikes and is now a bike mechanic, and the male half of the band (Aron Sanchez) makes the sculptural instruments for Blue Man Group. Together, as Buke & Gass, the duo plays double duty, also mobilizing a small army of foot percussion, and then they filter the instruments through various pedals, amps and homemade inventions to create a surprisingly complex sound. Dyer’s super-melodic vocal lines weave through the beautiful yet unwieldy musical matter, balancing calamity and control.”

Listen to “Medulla Oblongata” and “Your Face Left Before You”

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