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“Last week I was checking out Jeremy’s site (GearPipe.com) and came across a great little podcast, where Jeremy interviews Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom magazine. I gave it a listen, and I was liking what I was hearing. Basically, Mindy (who is a drummer) has passionately created her own print magazine (and a website) that celebrates female drummers out there. I like to hear about stories of people into what they do.. and make something of it!

Tom Tom Magazine

I have a 4 year old daughter, and she loves banging on the drums. She can also maintain some time, which I’m still quite surprised with. I often think it would be cool if she got into it, and just like guitar, it’s good to have role models to help inspire and encourage your dream of playing a instrument. There are not many female drummers out there (I only know of one personally) so it’s great to have a place where they can share a voice.

After hearing the podcast, I immediately checked out their site, and sent Mindy a email letting her know about Free Shirt Wednesday, and she was into it. Shortly after, a shirt arrived (and a issue of Tom Tom!)”

READ THE REST OF THE PIECE HERE: http://www.effectsbay.com/2010/05/free-shirt-wednesday-tom-tom-magazine/

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