iPhone iBeats: The Latest on Beat Apps

Okay, so there are tons of iPhone apps out having to do with music/beats and I was avoiding the subject because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up with new releases etc…but here are few that I enjoy:

Major Lazer iDrum (iZotope)—Party in your phone! This app lets you listen to and sequence beats from Major Lazer’s debut album (Dancehall drums, sound effects from outer space etc). You can save your versions of the songs and play them back, but you can’t export unless you own iDrum for your desktop.

B.Machine (FM3)—The original version of the Buddah Machine was invented by a China-based music duo who thought it would be awesome to loop drones from a portable (and brightly colored) speakerbox. And it is awesome. Now you can download the virtual version for your phone.

Tweetmic (Voicetal)—Tweetmic lets you publish audio recordings from your phone to your twitter account. So if you ever find yourself in the midst of a boombox parade, you can capture it and share it with friends.

BLUEBRAIN + ReadysetDC Boombox Walk from ReadysetDC on Vimeo.

Beatport (Beatport)— Beatport mobile lets you obsessively browse club music without having to put down your phone…You can save tracks to your cart, but still have to go to the site to purchase.

Also, I don’t have an iPad yet, but this caught my eye:

iElectribe (Korg)—The touch screen version of Korg’s popular analog drum machine/synth for for ten bucks. No export option but it definitely *looks* like the real thing…

– Allie

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