Huff This! Brings You Into Their World

The NYC-based duo, known as Huff This!, released their first album in 2008. It is a mix of acoustic guitar, piano, vocal harmonies, and the occasional cello. On it, they sing about love, family, loss, war, death, and beauty. It is the perfect album to start off with; it has so many different styles that it has opened up many paths for the band to take. It is hard to say what specific sound Huff This! captured. But what can be said, is that it’s dreamy, romantic, beautiful and eclectic. Soothing, yet a little haunting at the same time. It’s the kind of album that I feel like I can listen to a thousand times and always hear something different. “Bear Cub’s Rap” is what the album starts out with, where the two rap, and the drummer Molly beatboxes. They announce their presence in this first song, an introduction into the weird world they are about to create for you. Some songs on their album, like “the right stuff”, are simple and mellow, compared to “Not A Dream”, which has intense lyrics, both about love, and war, and one point are almost shouted. All the songs are so different, “Sleep” is possible the strangest one, it doesn’t mix with the others, because of the very prominent minor key of the guitar. But then, “Molly’s song” is one that I can’t stop listening to. It is the dreamiest song on their album and the most beautiful, in my opinion. Huff This’s new album is due out soon, with just Alison Clancy, the lead singer and pianist, and friends. Molly, the drummer, will be sorely missed. Molly hung onto the crazy time changes that Allison incorporated into her songs, and added a lot to the energy that both artists, with the occasional help of Christ Lancaster’s amazing cello playing, succeeded in creating.

Upcoming show: May 3rd at the Charleston

You can purchase the whole album here

Available for five dollars here

Awesome Music Video

-Gillian Avina

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