Tom Tom Magazine in Portland @ The Holocene

The event at the Holocene was groundbreaking and a raging success.

“A few hours of performance and we had a real taste of the complexity, variety,  thoughtfulness, and power behind drumming. As with any drum-centric performance, this series created a ton of energy in the room. So much talent, so many strong women, and the special phenomenon that is a group of people sharing rhythm. It was brilliant.” – Oregon Music News

The lineup included Rachel Blumberg (M.Ward, Norfolk & Western) with Julianna Bright (Golden Bears), Sara Lund (unwound, Hungry Ghost), Tara Jane O’neil with her Ecstatic Tambourine Orchestra, Janet Weiss (Quasi) and Kanako Wynkoop (Broken Water), Emily Kingan (Lovers, The Haggard) with Emily Baker, LKN with Terrica (Palo Verde), Germaine Baca (Old Time Relijun), Ashley Spungin (Purple Rhinestone Eagle) with Justine Valdez (Lozen), Lisa Schonberg of Explode into Colors. Schonberg with The Haggard’s sts in a duo called STLS and the Brooklyn band Hot Box.

A raffle, sponsored by one of Portland’s best drum pantries, Revival Drum Shop, gave a few lucky winners some rad drum swag. A stellar event, for the benefit of female drummers and all of us privy to listen in, this should be repeated annually.

Oregon Music News Review of the night

All photos by Nathan Backous

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  1. The pic of those big bass drums that say LRSD? Yeah, that’s the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers and it was cool to have a few of our members among you! Snares, tenors, basses and cymbals. Keepin’ it simple and playin’ it loud! Thanks for having us TomTom.

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