Tom Tom Literary Contest: Philosophy and Drums

Issue 3 of Tom Tom Magazine presents a challenge to those who enjoy philosophy and theory. Olek, a world-renowned textile artist, will be covering a drum kit and a drummer in crochet for a photo that will appear in the magazine. The questions that arise are:

– What is the relationship between the drummer and their drums and is their experience whole or individualistic?

– How and when does the drummer achieve the sense of “one” with their drums?

– What can be transcended or achieved through this relationship?

– Should all drummers strive to achieve unity with their drums?

Please turn in 1000 words or less that address the photo and/or the questions posited. One of the entries will be published in Issue 3 alongside the photo of Olek’s drummer and kit. The rest of the submissions will be published online. Submit to: by April 16th.

Good luck,

Tom Tom

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