Ellen Allien with Night Flowers: Clothes for Music

German experimental techno producer Ellen Allien is probably one of the most well known female electronic musicians out there. Her brand of IDM influenced beats have gained her international renown spanning the last decade. She began DJing in the early 90s, eventually founding the label BPitch Control in 1999, and has released 6 full length albums as well as various EPs and remixes along the way.

One of her most recent projects is the launch of a dance music culture inspired clothing line bearing her name. The Spring-Summer 2010 collection is now available for in Ellen Allien’s shop online.

This concept behind this season’s line perfectly illustrates the marriage between nightlife and design: “We are the night flowers. And in those special moments, we magically blossom at the turn of dusk, when the music and the crowd become one.

The new Ellen Allien fashion spring/summer collection 2010 captures just that very feeling of the moment. As the extravagant colors of the flowers fade into the night, a sentimental new world of black and white is open to discoveries and urges of movement in all directions. Light and airy dancing freedom; black floral lace; white and black floral stitched cotton, delicate dark summer whool; hazy prints of dancing people on loose cut T-shirts; each detail transports the feeling of night flowers; leading dreamingly throughout the night…” The T-shirts are a personal favorite. Be sure to check them out…

– Allie Alvarado

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