Technique Tuesday: Cross-overs

Crossovers on toms are pretty tricky things, so here are a few exercises to help out with that crossing arm motion.
There’s really no right way to cross your arms for these exercises, it’s more of a “What’s easiest for me?” sort-of-thing thing. Just play around with different movements and see what works best. With these kinds of fills or grooves, you want to be thinking, “What’s coming up next? Where should my hands be after this fill or when this breakdown’s groove is finished?” Thinking ahead, you’ll be able to figure out which hand to start with and what sticking to use.
female drummer women jem and the holograms rocking out rock on
I say “think ahead,” but at the same time don’t overthink it. You’re going for the simplest route, so-to-speak, through whatever areas of the set you want to hit (literally). To get from point A to point B. With this kind of thing, overthinking is definitely the biggest obstacle. Keep it simple. Because once you master them, crossovers look totally rad.

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