Rad Pony is Rad: Their Drummer Sarah Strauss


Photo courtesy of Rad Pony

Even though I only saw them perform their last song, Rad Pony! left a magnetic impression on me.  Playing their fifth show at the CakeShop two Saturdays ago, Rad exuded an unforgettable presence.  With drummer Sarah Strauss’s powerful rock the house dance beats, mixed with BoySkout’s Ingrid Dahl’s mesmerizing vocals, and haunting electro-pop keys, it is difficult not to fall captive to their melodic dance trance.  Your body naturally follows the pulse and begins swaying from side to side.  Here is a duo to watch out for, as they have the right kind of pop sensibilities: super sexy chemistry and killer beats that just makes you want to let loose.  Rad is currently planning on recording, and quite possibly touring the east and west coast in the Spring.


Photo by Lia Halloran

Become a fan of Rad Pony on their facebook page. If you are local to NY see them play this week: Friday evening @ coco66 in greenpoint. 11:30 PM sharp. 5 bux.


Photo courtesy of Rad Pony

Exclusive Tom Tom Magazine Show Review by drummer Nikkie McLeod

Nikkie McLeod is a musician and writer. She began her musical career at the age of twelve playing the tenor-pan for the steel-band (drum) orchestra Panasonic Connection in Trinidad and Tobago.  Currently, she plays for the New York based indie rock band, Telenovela Star (TSTAR), who’s hit song off of TSTAR’s self-titled EP, The Car Song is the theme music for the teen surf drama Beyond The Break on The-N channel. One of Nikkie’s poems was turned into the song A Plum on the band’s EP.  She was a co-founder for the grassroots feminist magazine OutLaw Sister Riff which focused on issues affecting women and young girls, a recipient of Howard University’s John J. Wright Award for poetry, a finalist in the Hollin’s Poetry Festival, and a co-award recipient for the City College English Department Adrian Schwartz Award for Women’s fiction.  She’s also acted in the independent short film, Esme Seeking as the main character Esme, which has been recognized in a number of film festivals around the US and internationally.  Nikkie McLeod has worked with the “father of the modern steel pan instrument” Dr. Ellie Mannette, Trinidad & Tobago’s “foremost steel pan arrangers and composers” Ray Holman, and the steel-pan jazz musician and composer Andy Narell. She’s also worked with Black Arts Movement poet and writer, Sonia Sanchez; poet, writer of children’s books, and filmmaker Ruth Forman; and the poet, writer, actor, and musician Saul Williams.

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