Beijing Drummers: Atom (Hedgehog) & Li Qing (Carsick Cars)


Exclusive Tom Tom photo of Li Qing by Rebecca Smeyne

Really incredible video about women in the music scene in Beijing ca. 2008. Features interviews with Atom (Hedgehog) and Li Qing (Carsick Cars). Cool how it touches for a quick sec on the prioritization of music quality over gender in China, whereas U.S. reporters are quick to fetishize female drummers and rarely ask questions about the music.

Li Qing: “Nowadays people pay more attention to your music, not the fact that you’re a girl. People are used to girls in bands. The music is what’s important.”


Carsick Cars


Exclusive Tom Tom photo of Carsick Cars by Rebecca Smeyne

Post by: Karen Soskin (Founder of Strength in Numbers an all women run show collective in Brooklyn and many other amazing things)

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