Technique Tuesday: Classic Technique


For the next few posts, we’ll look at some classic acts and their technique. This week, Buddy Rich.
…those rolls are insane. Especially with traditional grip, which uses more muscles than matched.
To get those rolls, you gotta have amazing chops. To get amazing chops, there are tons of things you can do. Sit and play eighths while you watch TV. Play on carpet. Break down rudiments. Personally, I like playing on carpet. It doesn’t have much rebound, so your strokes have to make up for it.
Another huge thing I see here is the almost constant left-handed run towards the beginning. It’s hard to get your tasset hand to do anything, much less a crazy run. Play something new off your tacit hand this week. Maybe take a beat you usually play normally and flip your hands. Then Google “Buddy Rich.”

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