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For any of you who missed the Tom Tom Magazine Photo Show @ Envoy Gallery and the drums solo event @ Home Sweet Home it was wonderful. The Envoy staff was warm and welcoming and the professionalism of the Tom Tom photographers was prevalent. This photo show will most likely travel to Portland,OR, LA, and elsewhere so if you missed it do not fret! Enjoy the photos and the first hand account of the drum solo by drummer Jenna Weiss-Berman below! All photos of gallery show by Jee Young Sim.

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“I started drumming earlier this year, and never thought I’d be drum
solo’ing at a Tom Tom show so soon! Even though I was probably there
just to make the rest of the totally amazing, experienced drummers
look better, I still had tons of fun, and was pleasantly surprised to
be backed up by Harlo Holmes, who made my drums sound awesome through
live manipulations on her computer. Drumming has become my very
favorite hobby, and I’m now in two punky bands, Snacks and Don Juana.

I heard recently that drummers have “twice the stamina and half the
ego.” I don’t know if I have half the ego, but I do have a whole lot
of stamina, and channeling it into drumming is super fun! The whole
world should drum.” – Jenna Weiss-Berman

Jenna by Ally small

Jenna studying drums photo by Ally Picard


LaFrae Sci Drum Solo Video by Tiny Favorite Photo by Rebecca Smeyne

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