DJ Star Eyes Pre-Party Jamz


Check out this week’s Pre Party Jamz mix on with DJ Star Eyes from NYC’s Trouble & Bass Crew!

Mix described in her words: “Darkness falls in the bat cave. Time to get a little tropical and a little bad girl with some zombie stabs, voodoo snares, and lots of reverb. This one starts out with some bashy UK funky house—I have to practice my dancehall-inspired moves while doing the “What am I gonna wear?” dance. Some sing-a-longs in the middle, and a few dark, cobweb-hands jams at the end, right about the time I’m putting on the last layers of eyeliner, taking a final sip of Maker’s, and throwing myself out into the night.”

Nicky Digital

Trouble & Bass just celebrated their 3 year anniversary. If you want to hear bass in your brrrraaaaiiin, catch them during CMJ @ Cameo.

xo, Allie

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