Rudikits: Double Paradiddle

Double Paradiddle
Double Paradiddle

Introducing a NEW TECHNIQUE section to Tom Tom Magazine brought to us by Stephanie “Drums” Barker called Rudikits. These techniques will be applying rudiments to the drum kit! Enjoy …

“Double Paradiddle: Because One Just Isn’t Enough!”

The Double Paradiddle is just an adjustment of the previous Paradiddle rudiment. The sticking stays exactly the same. The only difference is that in a Double Paradiddle, you add an extra R L or L R in front of the original Paradiddle sticking (RLRR/LRLL). Check it out:

Double Paradiddle
Double Paradiddle

Ok, too easy? Well don’t worry, I’ve come prepared. Just like you can split regular Paradiddles on the kit between toms, and the hi-hat etc…. The same applies with the Double Paradiddle. BUT, I have one groove in particular that will really add some funk to the kit. Hear me out, play a straight up Double Paradiddle with the right hand on the ride bell, and the left hand on the snare. To get it groovin’, ghost all the snare notes except for the one that begins the left handed Double Paradiddle. After you master that, add the kick drum to the first two right handed notes you play on the ride. That’s it! I swear, people will be in awe of the groove, when it actuality it’s just a spiced up Double Paradiddle.

Here is a more visual version:


R L R L R R / L R L R L R L L

B   B

B= Bass Drum


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