Find your Fulcrum: Technique Tuesday

This week’s concept is pretty advanced. Most people play with the fulcrum at the front of their grip. There are two other fulcrums you can use, and they’re each used in different situations. (Note that while using these strokes, your fingers will all be resting on the stick.)

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The front fulcrum, your pointer finger and thumb, is generally used for buzzes or open rolls at quick tempos… You play like this when you have a ton of notes to play in a short amount of time. With the extra help of the back fingers, you’ll be able to push out more. You might not be able to get a ton of sound from this.

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A middle fulcrum, your middle and ring fingers and thumb for support, would be used for notes at a quick tempo, but not one that makes it ridiculously hard to play. It should be comfortable. The extra support from the middle fingers adds a bit more volume.

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The back fulcrum, your ring and pinky fingers and thumb for support, is for making noise. You want a big bangin’ beat? You got it if you use this grip. Think about it, what you’re doing here is making a sort of tunnel with your hand. This leaves room for the stick to reverberate in, which gives you that booming sound that you want.

While you’re thinking about these different fulcrums, don’t forget about the rest of your arm. For all of these grips, you need a nice wrist and forearm movement. Not just finger action.

Like I said, this technique can be a little tricky. After awhile, it’s pretty easy to grasp.
– Bianca

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