Interview with Dubai Drums Julie-ann Odell coming SOON!

Julie-ann OdellJulie-ann Odell has lived in the Middle East for 32 years. She is an experienced drum circle facilitator who has used rhythm work and group drumming extensively as a tool for team building in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region. She is an experienced executive coach, co-active life coach and organization relationship systems coach (a cutting edge training that develops the entire team using a revolutionary systems-based approach drawn from the best of coaching, psychology, organizational development, mediation, quantum physics, process work and general systems theory). Since starting Dubai Drums eight years ago, Julie-ann and her team have drummed with thousands of people and children at corporates, schools, universities and community events. They drum in all parts of the Middle East and have now opened Cairo Drums in Egypt.

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Exclusive Tom Tom Magazine with Julie-ann COMING SOON!

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