Drummer of the Week: Hilary Jones

Take a look at the video below: Modern Drummer Festival 2000


This solo by Hilary Jones could be an instructional video. In fact Hilary has done workshops and clinics to teach the craft. Notice the way she feathers the beats to soften the sound and then strikes back in hard and thunderous. She uses the whole stick including the butt, and the side and shows excellent command of awareness of her kit. Through out the six and a half minute performance, the feel and rhythm changes over a few times from jazzy funk, to rock, and even a tribal vibe. I think she has incredible soul and is an amazing talent.

Hilary released a CD in 2001 titled Soaring which I would love to get my hands on. She has been featured in other magazines and writings but unfortunately, little is known about what she’s up to currently. Her website still says “coming soon” and there does not seem to be anything published about her newer than 2002.

Nevertheless, this performance is one I wanted to share, in case you have never seen it. Once, we get a hold of Hilary, we’ll be sure to update you.

Alex Carulo

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