• Riot Child's First English Interview For Tom Tom Magazi ...
    Swedish girl band, Riot Child talks with Tom Tom about their time in the U....
  • 10 steps to Drumming with a DJ

    How To: 10 steps to Drumming with a DJ By: Desereé Fawn of “Dance Loud” Why I started performing with a... Continue reading →

    Daddy Issues: Music as a Safe Space

    Daddy Issues: Music as a Safe Space by Shaina Joy Machlus Music is a physical space. It is. Sometimes it is a... Continue reading →

    Hi Hats: Cindy Hirsch

    Hi Hats: Cindy Hirsch by Attia Taylor Drumming is therapy. It is used today as physical therapy in the way our... Continue reading →


    10 steps to Drumming with a DJ

    Daddy Issues: Music as a Safe Space

    Hi Hats: Cindy Hirsch

    Q&A with Stacy Peck

    Video Premiere: Pony Time

    Culinary Adventures From A Touring Drummer

    WeWork Interview with Mindy Abovitz

    CMJ 2015 Recap

    Women In Unison Can Change Their World – On Nari Gunjan

    Lane Kim: From Furtive Fan to Determined Drummer

    VIDEO PREMIERE: “Show Some Shame” – Caustic Casanova

    Issue 23: Banned Issue Playlist

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    #23: The Banned Issue

    • Drummers who refused to put down their sticks.
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    CMJ 2015 Recap

    Review and Photos by Gabrielle Steib CMJ is an annual week-long music festival held in New York City. CMJ is... Continue reading →

    Revival Drum Shop

    by Narissa Carthy-Dundas, 11-year-old student at Revival Drum Shop Revival Drum Shop, located in SE Portland, is... Continue reading →