• Primavera Sound 2015 on Tom Tom TV
    Directed by Eva Carasol, Jose Garcia, and Shaina Machlus. Shaina asks festi...
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    Q&A with Carly Chatwin

    Playlist by Molly of Young States

    Drumming Tips from Sick of Sarah’s Jessica Forsythe

    Gender Ain’t Genre: Why I Disavow the Moniker of “Girl Band”

    Revival Drum Shop

    Issue 23: Banned Issue OUT NOW!

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    the mag: current issue

    Tom Tom Magazine Mag Female Drummers Girls Drummers Drum Magazine

    #23: The Banned Issue

    • Drummers who refused to put down their sticks.
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  • Upcoming Events

      • The Hum: Mondays in October at Manhattan Inn
      • 10/05/15 - 10/26/15
      • The Hum

        The Hum matches musicians who have never worked together and commissions new work from their collaborative pairing, which is performed live for the first and possibly only time. Throughout the month long series, over 35 musicians will take the stage, mixing an eclectic scope of musical genres, styling, aesthetic and beyond.

        The next series of the Hum begins October 5th and runs every Monday throughout the month.

        On Monday October 12th at 9pm, it will be a curated set by Tom Tom Magazine. The set will be entirely drummers. Performers include Tamsin Wilson (Wilsen) & Katrina Cunningham, Gabi Jimeno (Balancer), Juliana Ronderos (Salt Cathedral) & Kelsey Lu.

        More info available at Hypnocraft Presents.

        Check out the flyer below and the Facebook event for the full listing of performers in October.


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  • Drum School for Girls and Women
  • Reviews

    Revival Drum Shop

    by Narissa Carthy-Dundas, 11-year-old student at Revival Drum Shop Revival Drum Shop, located in SE Portland, is... Continue reading →

    Review: Yo La Tengo

    Anyone who is a fan of Yo La Tengo’s fourth full-length, Fakebook (released in 1990), will be pleased to hear its... Continue reading →