Tom Tom Magazine™ is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers. We are a 74 page full color quarterly print magazine, website, social media community, academy and more. Tom Tom serves as the ultimate go-to guide for the latest information about girl drummers and beat makers around the globe. We seek to raise awareness about female percussionists from all over the world and hope to inspire women and girls of all ages to drum, all while strengthening and building the community of otherwise fragmented female musicians. We cover drummers of all ages, races, styles, skill level, sexualities, body size and notoriety. We are also a proud producer and creator of the Hit Like a Girl Contest: the only contest for female drummers in the world.

Tom Tom Magazine is more than just a magazine it is a movement. Join us.

xo, Tom Tom Magazine™

Meet our staff!

Mindy Seegal Abovitz
Publisher | Creator
Mindy is a drummer, feminist and social activist who is currently using Media as her medium. She would like to see the world be a better place filled with more compassion and understanding. She believes that can be done in part through better representation of people in the media.
Lindsey Anderson
Web Design Intern
Lindsey is a drummer, nerd & pizza consumer. Ohio-born and now Boston-based, her main obsession is increasing & supporting media that represents the narratives of queer people and people of color. When she isn’t writing, formatting post layouts or tweeting for Tom Tom, she can be found doing sound design, playlist curation or stage management for local theater productions. She’s obsessed with The X-Files and taking 3 hour naps.
Shaina Joy Machlus
Shaina is a Barcelona based writer/drummer/feminist.
Rebecca DeRosa
Media Reviews Editor
Rebecca has been with Tom Tom pretty much since the start. She is an NYC based drummer/writer/yoga teacher.
Marisa Kurk
Head Designer
Marisa Kurk has been our designer for the last 3 years. She is a lover of drums, motorcycles, and her dog Harriet.
Vanessa Dominique
Tech Writer
Vanessa is a London based professional drummer. She has written countless tech pieces for us. If we could, we would take lessons from her.
Rosana Caban
Brain Trust
Rosana is a Berklee graduate drummer who resides in Brooklyn, NY and is one half of the popular duo, Psychic Twin.
Mayra Cortez
Tom Tom TV
Mayra Cortez is a Peruvian drummer, songwriter and Ramen enthusiast now residing in Los Angeles. Producer of all things music and video by day, Melter of faces with her project Inti Wawa by night.
Aiko Masubuchi
Writer | Japanese Translator
Aiko resides in NYC and works at the Japan Center. She drums standing up and we love her.
Liz Tracy
Managing Editor Print
Liz Tracy is an incredible writer and writer wrangler. She has worked for Miami New Times and written for the Atlantic.
Jenny Tang
London based and brilliant, Jenny illustrated our past two drummer guides.
JJ Jones
Tech and Gear Review Editor
JJ Jones is an internationally touring, Berklee-trained drummer and educator located in Los Angeles. She’s an instructor at girls and ladies rock camps across the U.S., and is the founder of, where she teaches private lessons to students all over the world.
Christine Pallon
Web Intern
Christine is a drummer, writer, and college student currently based in Paris, France. When she’s not studying, she plays in punk bands and writes about Sleater-Kinney.
Jen Carlson
Digital Curation
Jen toured extensively playing drums for the San Francisco based Angry Amputees. Now she sits in with country bands on the weekends, travels the country on her motorcycle and is founder of Revival Agency.
Matthew D’Abate
Music & Media Reviewer
Matthew D’Abate is the creator of LITERATE SUNDAY, an anonymous international book club and is the editor of the literary journal CATALOGUE. D’Abate is also the creative director of Le Chat Noir, a film, music, and literary collective based in Brooklyn. His novel, “The Other Killers”, is out to agents at this time. D’Abate is currently crossing his fingers. He was born in Smithfield, Rhode Island and lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.
Pippa Kelmenson
Operations/Office Manager
Pippa is a NYC-born drummer, sound artist, composer, and our operations/office manager. Much of her work is inspired by the correlation between the machinery of the human body and rhythm. She uses with her own attention and hearing impairments to compose electronic/experimental works, sound art, and rhythmic patterns.

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